13.8" 35cm 5% OFF Long Cryogenic Gloves LN2 Protective Liquid Nitrogen $17 13.8"/35cm Long Cryogenic Gloves LN2 Liquid Nitrogen Protective Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Personal Protective Equipment Long,/abdicant61751.html,Cryogenic,13.8"/35cm,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security , Personal Protective Equipment,Gloves,LN2,Liquid,digitalsanstha.com,Protective,Nitrogen,$17 13.8" 35cm 5% OFF Long Cryogenic Gloves LN2 Protective Liquid Nitrogen $17 13.8"/35cm Long Cryogenic Gloves LN2 Liquid Nitrogen Protective Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Personal Protective Equipment Long,/abdicant61751.html,Cryogenic,13.8"/35cm,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security , Personal Protective Equipment,Gloves,LN2,Liquid,digitalsanstha.com,Protective,Nitrogen,$17


13.8"/35cm Long Cryogenic Gloves LN2 Liquid Nitrogen Protective


13.8"/35cm Long Cryogenic Gloves LN2 Liquid Nitrogen Protective


Product Description

Long Cryogenic Protective Gloves

Protection is required when working with liquid nitrogen due to its freezing cold temperatures. Cryogenic Protective Gloves are specially fabricated for working with Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). They have multiple layers of high industrial quality cowhide and cold-proof sponge with a Canberra lining which keeps you protected and warm when working with extremely cold temperatures. These gloves are light, comfortable, heavy-duty, and 100% water proof.


Nitrogen condenses to a liquid at –320°F (-195°C) so exposure to your skin can cause serious frostbite injuries and cold burns. LN2 is a wonderful element to work with in the fields of cryopreservation or experimentation. For healthcare professionals or teaching professionals that work in a cryogenic or school lab setting, these gloves are essential pieces of safety equipment to have.

Liquid nitrogen is used in the culinary field because of how it freezes foods. Traditional freezers form large ice crystals when freezing food, which will impact the consistency of the product. On the other hand, liquid nitrogen forms microscopic ice crystals, which can create frozen foods with an unbelievably creamy consistency. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used to make ice creams in gourmet restaurants because it provides a more velvety texture than any ice cream machine can.

Liquid nitrogen is also used in the medical field. Doctors use it to remove warts and preserve biological samples. Warts can be found on any part of the body. They can be treated by removal with liquid nitrogen. The procedure can take up to three visits with your doctor. During these visits, your doctor will put liquid nitrogen directly on the wart and the skin cells will die off little by little. This procedure is called cryotherapy or cryosurgery.

Meet The Product

Long Protective Gloves

They are sure to safeguard your hands and arms while still giving you the ability to resist surface wear with a better grip.

100% Waterproof


All U.S. Solid cryogenic gloves are made from an insulated synthetic material and are designed to prevent contact from splashed liquids

13.8" Long Cryogenic Gloves 13.8" Long Cryogenic Gloves 17.7amp;#34; Long Cryogenic Gloves
Length 13.8" 13.8" 17.7"
Width 5.8 “ 6.2" 5.8 “

13.8"/35cm Long Cryogenic Gloves LN2 Liquid Nitrogen Protective

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